Volunteer of the Month

Volunteer of the Month November Cheryl Soledad

November’s Volunteer of the Month goes to Cheryl Soledad who has fostered both dogs and cats for TCPR! Cheryl was nominated by our cat team leader Jill Meidinger. Here’s what Jill said in her nomination, “Cheryl foster failed on a TCPR foster cat back in 2015 and recently started fostering again for us. She took in Karla (cat) – who we had little to no information about and needed an immediate foster for. She is a dream foster! Providing lots of pictures, bio information, and attending adoption events. Cheryl has gotten even more involved by doing transport – and not the easy ones! She has transported cats, kittens, and even guinea pigs from St. Cloud to the cities TWICE! She was a main player in helping with the silent auction at PetOberfest. Cheryl has really integrated herself into TCPR and now is fostering one of our dogs!”

We asked Cheryl a couple questions about fostering and here’s what she had to say:

TCPR – “Why did you become a TCPR foster?”

Cheryl – “I became a foster because I am passionate about helping animals in need, especially those who have special needs or those who are at risk of being euthanized. This passion fit so well with Twin Cities Pet Rescue! I first got involved with TCPR when I saw a Facebook post by the Friends of the Minneapolis Animal Care and Control in summer 2015 – of cats with colds who were at risk of being euthanized because the shelter’s sick ward was running out of room. TCPR was very quick to respond, answered all my questions about fostering and pulled a sick cat for me to foster. The more I got to know the organization the more thankful I am that I found that Facebook post, as working with TCPR truly provided an excellent opportunity to help save lives!”

TCPR – “Cheryl, what is the most rewarding part about being a foster?”

Cheryl – “The most rewarding part about being a foster is also the toughest part about being a foster – letting go of a foster when he/she goes home to his/her furever family! It is heartwarming to watch a successful meet-&-greet between a foster and a potential adopter unfold before my eyes. It is bittersweet, but I am grateful for the opportunity to play this special role in a pet’s life.”

Pictured in Cheryl with her 2 mini Poodles who started it all for her and the other is her with one of her current fosters, Bandit, a Russian Blue who will go home to his new family this weekend! Thank you so much to Cheryl for being such a dedicated, passionate volunteer! Submit a nominee for our December Volunteer of the Month!