Happy Tails


We recently heard from Sylvia’s family, formerly known as Anna, one of the Frozen kittens from last winter. Sylvia was the last of her siblings to be adopted and has been thriving in her new home. Here’s an update from her family:

“Upon adopting Sylvia, we were asked to be patient with her shyness and reservation around people. Formally known as Anna, she was the last of the Frozen Family to be adopted and seemed uncomfortable adapting to her new role as a pet. For the first couple of weeks, she hid from us and was scared of her older cat-sister, Sappho, a five-year-old tabby and alumni of the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley.

IMG_0559Nearly four months later, shy is the last word we’d use to describe her wealth of affection for people, particularly us. Over time, she slowly became more brave and trusting until she emerged as a bold feline with a huge personality. After a month of adjusting to routines and an older companion cat, she’s living it up. And if for any reason there’s any deviation from her usual routine, she’s the first to remind us. She’s a brave, high-energy cat who loves to play with every type of toy – especially her fuzzy glow worm and jingle balls – and is an adventurous eater (which is sometimes an issue when we find food scattered around the house). On top of that, she’s also a skilled thief because she’s a very smart and ambitious cat, so we needed to get creative to keep her out of trouble. Funny enough, she has a particular interest in stealing avocados from the cabinet. We clicker trained her and her sister, and they love to impress us and play on a nightly basis. She quickly earned the nickname “White Loon” for her silly antics and often echoing meows. But what’s most impressive is her fierce loyalty and affection, which has shown the true progress of her growth as our cat. While at first she refused to be picked up, she now loves being cradled like a baby!

IMG_8931When we see her resting in her perch with the most regal look upon her face, it’s inspiring to know that she was once a terrified kitten from a rough circumstance. She’s bonding with Sappho and is the delight of guests who come to visit. It’s obvious that from the beginning, she wanted to learn how to be a good cat. Now that she knows how, she’s put her energy into being a wonderful (and very expressive!) companion.”

Thank you so much to Sylvia’s family for giving this wonderful cat a great home! Have you adopted a pet from TCPR? Let us know how they’re doing! Submit your Happy Tail >