Happy Tails


Skylar is a shepherd mix that was adopted in July, 2014 when she was 9 weeks old. Slylar is one of 9 puppies that was born to Star, who was rescued when she was very pregnant in May. This is what her family has to say:

“Our puppy, Skylar, was originally Phoebe when adopted at 8 weeks old from Stars litter of 9 puppies. We could NOT be happier with our choice to rescue her. We thank TCPR for keeping her in an awesome foster home who definitely got her off on the right paw. Interestingly she was born without a tail at all so we tend to joke whenever we think she is happy that “her inner tail must be wagging right now!”.

Most recently she found her new favorite spot in the house, the couch. And we have accepted that we have caved on the “no couch” rule. She is extremely happy, submissive and playful. She is one of the most popular pups in the neighborhood now. Her best friends include a Great Dane and German Shepherd and a 19 month old baby boy. We have fully accepted our new role as crazy dog parents. Adding her to our family has made this the best summer and our best decision yet. Thank you!!! ”

Thank you to Sylar’s family for giving her a wonderful home!

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