Volunteer of the Month

September Volunteers of the Month

We couldn’t do our life-saving work without our amazing, dedicated animal loving volunteers! Each month we will be honoring an individual or family who shows a high level of commitment to helping save animals. This commitment can be demonstrated in a variety of ways, including consistent participation, a willingness to give extra effort, and going beyond the duties of their role.

September’s Volunteer of the Month goes to two fantastic fosters Jerry and Mai See Yang nominated by Amy Ensign.

Here is what Amy said in her nomination, “At this point, Mai See and her husband have been fostering Betsy for nearly 300 days. When Betsy, the 65 lb. pitbull mix, came to TCPR she was rambunctious and not very dog savvy. She didn’t know how to interact with other dogs, because she was so energetic and excitable. We’re fairly certain she was never given any basic training prior to her arrival. Since Betsy arrived to the Yang’s home, they have given her invaluable amounts of structure and so much love. She is fully crate trained, and this will help her successfully transition into her forever home. They come to training sessions with TCPR and join us on pack walks. Betsy gets a great walk every day, and her foster parents are always advocating for her and promoting her availability. They even took her on a family trip to the North Shore this summer!

They’ve truly harnessed all of Betsy’s sweet qualities and helped Betsy manage her excitement. When Betsy finds her forever home, every single day’s worth of work will pay off. She will be successful because Mai See and Jerry took such great care of her.”

We asked Mai See to describe why she and her husband became fosters. Mai See responded, “We decided to foster because we wanted to see what it was like to be pet owners as we would eventually like to have our own pet/pets in the future. I also wanted to foster because I’ve always wanted to have a pet but my parents wouldn’t allow it then.”

TCPR: What is the most rewarding part about being a foster?
Mai See: Seeing how a dog can transform from one to another in the time you’ve had them and knowing that we saved a life as all lives matter.

Congratulations to these two spectacular volunteers! We are so honored to have individuals like you as part of our community!

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