Happy Tails


Today’s Happy Tail Tuesday is brought to you by Sadie! From Sadie’s mom and dad – “We cannot even truly express how much we love this pup! Sadie is so sweet and loving, and we cannot believe we were lucky enough to adopt her!

Sadie 2 Sadie had been in foster care for quite a few months when we first found her through TCPR. We couldn’t understand how such a cute pup had not yet found a forever home, and thought maybe she would have a hard time adjusting to us. Within only a few days of moving in, Sadie felt right at home with us and had no problem becoming a family member. She loves snuggling, following mom, car rides, running, playing tug and fetch, and chasing squirrels like its her job. She is especially OBSESSED with the laser pointer…it never gets old for her! She is convinced that one day she will catch that little red dot that taunts her!

Sadie 1We took Sadie to dog to dog socialization classes, and though she still needs slow introductions, she is doing much better with other dog friends. She loves every person she meets and is truly a wonderful ambassador for her breed.

Sadie has given us more love and joy than we could ever think possible of a dog, and we are so grateful to TCPR for connecting us with her! Thank you TCPR!!!”

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