Happy Tails


15823639_10153979922422364_7021282384687774528_nIt wouldn’t be Tuesday without a #HappyTail from one of our TCPR alumni! Today we hear from Rosie who’s gotcha date (day she was adopted) was December 5th, 2015.
“When we first got Rosie she was pretty rambunctious, a bit off the wall… Since then she’s really grown up and everyone who knows her compliments how much she’s matured. She still tortures her big brother Rocky (also a pug) and doesn’t seem to understand that he isn’t a big fan of playtime. It almost always results in a “pug pile” which is basically her laying on top of him. She has zero boundaries when it comes to Rocky but he’s a good boy and puts up with her. She also loves running around in the snow and goes on family vacations to get some grandparents time (they love their little grand puppy). Her cat brother, Poe, is her best friend in the house and they enjoy playing tag. Rosie also welcomed a human sister in October and has been a very good big sister.”
15799920_10153979922387364_1651820103487458734_oThanks to Rosie’s parents for the update and photos! Did you adopt a dog, cat, or small animal from TCPR? Share your updates today!