Reduce Firework Anxiety

Help Reduce Your Pets’ Firework Anxiety

Nice weather, barbequing, and fireworks are staples of the summer and especially the Fourth of July holiday for humans, but pets may find all this stimulation overwhelming. It may be the smell, sound, or flashes of light during fireworks pets find scary. If you notice your pet showing signs of anxiety – trembling, shaking or shivering, howling or barking, or running to hide – take notice and help ease the stress. Below are four tips to help you and your pet reduce firework anxiety this summer.

1. Plan according to your pet

The best way to prevent pet anxiety of fireworks is by leaving them at home. Do not take your dog to the fireworks show. Make sure your cat and dog are inside the house as dusk falls, to help prevent the possibility of them running away.² If you have a new pet, assume that they will not like the fireworks and plan accordingly. Remember the goal of the plan is to help ease their anxiety and keep them safe.

2. Make sure your pets’ microchip is accurate

There is a spike in runaway pets during the Fourth of July holiday. Make sure your pet is inside, in a safe place, once the fireworks begin. Review and update your pet’s microchip information with current address and phone number, so they are returned in case they do escape.

3. Create a safe indoor environment

Create an environment at home for your pet to escape to, such as in a closet or their crate. Surround them with some of their favorite toys, and even a treat. Make sure they are away from windows and even turn on white noise, such as the TV.² If you are able, have a family member stay home and sit with them. Petting them in long, slow strokes from head to tail can be especially calming. Speak in a slow steady voice.² Stay calm and create a safe environment for your pet and they will feel safe.

4. Talk to your vet

If you know your pet does not handle the fireworks well, talk with your vet about possible anxiety medicines. Also consider over-the-counter dog calming treats or dog anxiety vests.

Minnesota summers are a great time. However, the anxiety your pet may feel around fireworks and the Fourth of July is real. You know your pet best, so plan accordingly to keep them safe, and anxiety free.

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