Happy Tails

Piper – Happy Tails Submission

It’s Happy Tails Tuesday which means we get to share updates from our TCPR alumni! This week our update comes from one of our very own volunteers!

“Piper and I are doing great! Many people say that cats don’t show love like dogs do, or that they don’t have a personality – however Piper proves all of those stereotypes wrong! She waits for me at the door while I’m away and greets me every time I come home from work. When I lie down on the couch or my bed, Piper comes over and sits on my chest for a nap. As soon as my alarm goes off in the morning, Piper comes running over to give me morning snuggles. She will also sit and watch TV with me sometimes.

Piper also has little habits that make her personality so unique! She has a special rocking chair that she naps on, she enjoys sitting on top of TVs, she likes to lick the blinds, and she likes to sneak into the fridge and the dishwasher. She can also be very sassy sometimes, but thankfully she releases her anger by aggressively swatting at the window blind cords instead of me!

Overall, Piper is an amazing pet and my best friend. I can’t imagine living without her, and she has changed my life for the better! I now give back to the community by fostering and volunteering with Twin Cities Pet Rescue to help create more Happy Tails like this one. :)”

THANK YOU to Piper’s family for opening their home and hearts! Share your Happy Tails! For more fun stories and updates be sure to check out the Twin Cities Pet Rescue Facebook Page!