TCPR Stories

Pets Saved Thanks to You

We could not do our life-saving work without the support of our community of fosters, adopters, volunteers and donors. THANK YOU! Thank you for helping us save hundreds of lives each year since 2009. We want to share some special stories of animals we saved and found homes for this year. Please consider supporting us by making a donation today which will count towards Give to the Max Day this November 11th.

The Frozen Cats


A family of 10 cats were rescued in January. They were dubbed “The Frozen Cats” and named after characters from the beloved Disney hit “Frozen” including Hans, Elsa, Ella, Sven, and Olaf. They all had severe upper respiratory infections and were going to be euthanized the next day. We couldn’t let that happen and took all 10 cats in and gave them the vet care they needed to thrive. Today we are excited to say that every one of them is healthy, happy and lives with a family of their own.



Often animals that come to TCPR have special medical needs or on-going care. Jett was found as a stray on the Pine Ridge Reservation in March. He had a fractured pelvis which required surgery but gentle, sweet Jett pulled through and found an adoptive home! Please consider helping us save more dogs like Jett by making a donation today.

Moo and her Siblings


Moo was rescued with her 6 siblings Pitch, Tiger, Rosemary, Basil, Thyme and Fennel last June. The 7 kittens were diagnosed Feline Leukemia Positive which means they cannot live with other cats that are FeLV negative. FeLV+ cats can live long, healthy lives but are often overlooked or euthanized before given a chance to find a home to call their own. Moo, Pitch and Tiger starred in Jungle Theater’s production “You Can’t Take It With You” this summer. They have retired as an actresses and Pitch was adopted after the production. Moo, Tiger and siblings Rosemary and Basil are all still available for adoption. Please consider helping us save more cats with FeLV by making a donation. Your donation today will count toward Give to the Max Day on the 11th and help us save animals in need.



Adorable little Oliver came to TCPR when he was 8 weeks old. Soon after his arrival we found that he had old fractures in both hind legs. He was surprisingly mobile for the extent of his injuries. With rest, then exercise and some physical therapy, Oliver made a full recovery and didn’t need surgery! The Orthopedic Surgeon working with him was thrilled by his body’s ability to heal. He is an amazing little guy who now has an amazing family that is committed to helping him thrive.