Happy Tails

Peach – Happy Tails Tuesday

It wouldn’t be Tuesday without a #HappyTail! Todays update is from Peach’s family!

“Things are going well. Peach has her moments of being a puppy – she’s definitely mischievous. She is also clearly the boss of our other dog, Fig. She’s half his size, but she’s definitely in charge. I’d say they’re best buds 95% of the time.

We really enjoy Peach. She’s a bit odd, but adorable. We recently discovered that she loves sticks, and if she had her way I think our house would be filled with them. We’ve been working on “drop” before she enters the house.”

THANK YOU to Peach’s family for opening their hearts and their home! It is always great to hear back from our rescues to see how they are doing. Share your Happy Tails! For more fun stories and updates be sure to check out the Twin Cities Pet Rescue Facebook Page!