Happy Tails

O’Malley and Kiddie – Happy Tails Tuesday

Meet O’Malley and Kiddie | #HappyTailsTuesday Pets of the Week!

It’s time for another TCPR alumni update! This week’s #HappyTailTuesday checks in on O’Malley and Kiddie!

#HappyTailTuesday stories like today’s are extra special for TCPR. O’Malley was a rescue that pushed out through a screen door at his foster’s home. He was found a few blocks from his home, and after being scanned by a vet, was reunited with his foster – who promptly adopted him. Dylan (now Kiddie) was just a baby when he was intentionally left outside the Chuck & Don’s Pet Food & Supplies Northeast store. The store manager received a mysterious call that a kitten was trying to get in to their store. When she went to check it out, she found him all alone on the sidewalk on a hot day. Someone had dropped him off and left. Dylan was so young he wasn’t eating on his own and needed syringe feeding – but boy was he was hungry! THANKFULLY, both are now safe and happily living together!!!

“O’Malley (the big guy) was my 6th foster through your program and turned into a Foster Fail. So happy to have him in my life but I noticed that he needed more stimuli than I could give him. Lo and behold, TCPR got a kitten left on the doorstep of a Chuck & Dons. You guys let me bring him home and see how my alley cat would respond to a kitten like him.

It was not pretty at first. Hissing, spitting, and growling was the initial start but progress seemed apparent. I finally got off my “worry box”, let cats be cats, and after a couple alpha swats, O’Malley seemed to accept the kitten as beta. Quite literally minutes later, they were chasing each other down the hall, practicing pouncing and wrestling. They are now the best of buds. O’Malley seems happier and Kiddie is just the happiest camper. They are now so inseparable.

Thank you so much, TCPR, for what you do for these kitties, and in connection, for us hoomans :)”

We are SO glad to hear that both O’Malley and Kiddie are doing great with their new FURever family! It is always great to hear back from our rescues to see how they are doing. Share your Happy Tails! For more fun stories and updates be sure to check out the Twin Cities Pet Rescue Facebook Page!