Non-traditional Adoption Processes

What That Means for You and Your New Pet!

You have probably heard of adopting a pet and know the basics of what it may entail, but here at Twin Cities Pet Rescue (TCPR), there are also a variety of non-traditional adoption processes to fit the unique circumstances of some of our furry friends. The normal adoption process includes submitting an application, meeting the cat/dog, completing a home visit (if adopting a dog), and then finalizing the adoption right away. However, there are a few instances when this traditional adoption process is not available. In these cases, you may follow a non-traditional adoption route.


First a word on fostering! Fostering a pet means saving a cat or dogs’ life.  As a foster-based rescue, we rely on our foster network so TCPR can continue to save dogs and cats and help them find their families. There is little to no cost to you beyond the time, to foster with TCPR. We provide all the supplies, support and vetting needs for an animal while they are being fostered. You provide the safe, structured and supporting home until the cat/dog finds its forever home. To learn more about fostering, please visit our How To Foster page.

Non-Traditional Adoptions

Adoption Priority

Sometimes a cat or dog you are looking at  may not yet be in rescue with TCPR. When this happens, those cats/dogs are not available to be adopted. However, those animals are still in need of fosters to take them in. As a potential foster, you can read the information that we have available, and if that cat/dog sounds like a good fit with your family you can sign up to foster them. Once adoption becomes available, the foster family has first rights to adopt them. This means you get first dibs, as long as the pet proves to be a good fit with your home. Plus, you get to spend more time with your new furry family member. Find TCPR cats/dogs that need a foster home.


Besides traditional adoption and adoption priority, there is also pre-adoption. This is where an animal needs a little more vetting but TCPR has a good idea of their overall health and behavior and a clear plan in place for what other things they need. The most common reason an animal would be in pre-adoption is that they still need their spay/neuter surgery, a dental or another specialty appt, or heartworm treatment (dogs only).

Pre-adoption pets get posted on our website and the adopter completes the adoption like normal. The only difference is there’s a disclaimer on the adoption agreement that states what vetting is still needed and that TCPR will cover it. Only the additional vetting outlined ahead of time is covered by TCPR and supplies are not covered by TCPR. You as the adopter, get to bring the animal home after the paperwork is signed. Afterwards, TCPR will work with you to schedule the vetting at one of our partners.

At TCPR, our goal is to create happy and successful relationships between forever homes and pets. While sometimes a normal adoption process cannot be followed, we  offer these non-traditional adoptions to help rescue cats and dogs to find their perfect fur-ever homes! 

Interested in fostering or adopting a cat or dog with Twin Cities Pet Rescue? Visit our website to find more information and start the process today!


(Pictured: Lilac, a canine representation of Tigger! Lilac is currently available for pre-adoption. Learn more about Lilac here!)