Happy Tails


100_2286100_2527 Today’s Happy Tail Tuesday is brought to you by the lovely Nala! Nala’s family shared this update with us:

“Nala joined our family when she was 8 weeks old in July 2014. She was one of 11 puppies born to Freckles who TCPR rescued. Nala fit into our family immediately, within 24 hours of her arrival our 17 year old dog Pete was letting her snuggle him and he shared his bones and food with her. Nala is a quick learner with Pete as her mentor and she has been teaching him to play again. Nala also has fun playing with our two cats, going for lots of walks and catching balls and her frisbee. She is a wonderful dog and we are very appreciative of TCPR for rescuing her mom Freckles and caring for all the pups in her litter. Thank you TCPR! We love our little carmel girl Nala.”

Thank you so much for sharing Nala’s updated. Did you adopt a dog, cat, or small animal from TCPR? We’d love to hear your Happy Tail!