Happy Tails


We received an amazing Happy Tail update from TCPR alumni Misha’s family,

“We wanted to send a little holiday update to let you know how things have been going with Misha. In a word – amazing!  Misha quickly became part of our family, and we can’t imagine our lives without her.  We take her for two walks a day, minimum (except last weekend when even she didn’t want to be out long!) and this has been as great for us as it is for her.  On weekends we explore trails nearby and Misha loves that.  We put her on a back-lead harness and just run with her!

We’re learning new games to play together – lately we’ve been hiding her food around the house and she loves to sniff around and find it.  She’s so funny – she seems to prefer this to eating out of the bowl and waits to eat till it’s ‘game time’.  We’re also slowly learning to play fetch and love playing tag/goofing around with her outside.

When she’s just relaxing, she loves to hang near us and chew on bones or have her belly rubbed.  She has a box of ‘toys’ and she loves to get everything out of the box over the course of a day and spread it around the living room.

The three of us went to a 3 part training on walking, and that was fun and helpful!  Misha especially liked it because of all the bonus treats she got.  We’re looking forward to more training together in the future, and  hoping to find a center that teaches through positive reinforcement as TCPR recommends.

15241420_10154334826721032_5585026895719948421_nBabushka (“Bubi” – our beloved cat) and Misha are getting along better than we ever expected for just knowing each other a couple months!  They sit near each other to share a spot of sun, come together for ‘treat time’ and all-in-all, look very comfortable around each other.  Misha is so funny – she has a little bit of a jealous bone where she runs over and horns in every time we pet Bubi.   We find it cute and amusing. 🙂

Misha has met most of our friends and family.  Our nieces and nephews love her.  Even our youngest niece, Isuri, loves to pet her and she is normally afraid of dogs.  She asks about Misha when we haven’t seen them in a little while!

This week we’ll be driving to Wisconsin with Misha and introducing her to the rest of our family.  It will be so fun to have her home and walk her around the neighborhood.

Happy holidays and THANK YOU for bringing Misha into our lives!  We are so grateful.”

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