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May 3rd is Special-Abled Pets Day! – Featuring Scout!

Established in 2006, May 3rd has truly become the pet holiday – previously known as National Disabled Pets Day – shines a spotlight on animals who have turned their physical challenges into personal triumphs, and realize that a good ‘cat’titude can help you conquer any obstacle.

Today, we would like one spotlight to shine on TCPR alum, Scout! She came to TCPR in July, 2014 when her family no longer wanted her after she had been hit by a car and could no longer use her rear legs. When she arrived, her rear legs had large wounds from dragging. But as you can see from the video shortly after her arrival, she was full of spunk and had a zest for life. Watch it here:

TCPR had her fit for a custom wheel chair which allowed her to run with all of her dog friends. She also received chiropractic treatments and fantastic care from Dr. Annie at Chiropractic for EveryBody. The two became so bonded during her treatments, that Dr. Annie decided to make Scout a part of her family. We couldn’t be happier for Scout, and all other animals that make today so special!

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