Happy Tails

Maleficent – Happy Tails Tuesday

Maleficent was a one-of-a-kind girl who deserved a one-of-a-kind #HappyTailsTuesday story!

Maleficent, or Mally, as her friends call her, is a super special 3 year old girl. Mally was born with some health problems, and as a result is deaf and vision-impaired. She is also syndactyl, which means her toes are a bit goofy looking. But Mally doesn’t let any of it get to her – she takes daily eye drops to help her vision, and is very good for her nail trims. And none of this ever stopped her from living her life to the fullest. Whether it be snuggling with her people, chasing one of her many toys, or jumping to all the high places she can find! We knew that Mally might not be what many people think of when they are looking at giving a cat a home, but she was no less deserving of love and security.

Mally’s new mom has another blind and deaf cat and fully understood her needs. She flew in from New Hampshire in early April to make this sweet girl a part of her family.

“I just wanted to update you guys on Mally. She’s settling in super well. Our flight got super weather delayed and we made good use of the pet bathroom at the airport. She had a brief meeting with the kittens that went well, she doesn’t seem to be bothered by the dog at all, just interested in him a little.

She’s eating, snuggling and using the litterbox. I made her an Instagram account if you guys want to keep up with her. Somehow it already has 1,500 followers [now almost 7,500!!!]! Thanks so much for all of your help!”

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THANK YOU to Mally’s family for opening their hearts and their home! It is always great to hear back from our rescues to see how they are doing. Share your Happy Tails! For more fun stories and updates be sure to check out the Twin Cities Pet Rescue Facebook Page!