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TCPR Stories – Meet Fergie!

Today we’re talking with Jessica, who has been fostering Fergie for the last seven months. Fergie is a three- or four-year-old chiweenie mix. She’s got lots of spunk, is pretty darn cute, and is looking for her forever home.

Twin Cities Pet Rescue: So, Jessica, tell us what makes Fergie such a good doggo.

Jessica: Fergie is an enthusiastic friend. She loves people with all her heart and just wants to please. Since she has been with me, she has really come out of her shell, and she’s become more confident too.

TCPR: Sounds like a good buddy. Tell me, what is Fergie like at home?

Jessica: She’s pretty busy during the day, but she puts herself to bed at night around 9:30, as she needs her beauty rest.

TCPR: Well, I can tell by her photos that all the beauty rest paid off! What are Fergie’s favorite activities?

Jessica: Window patrol, chewing on bullysticks and bones that are too big for her face (but she loves them anyway), defending the yard against squirrels and other intruders, laying in laps and getting pets, DINNER TIME (closely followed by BREAKFAST TIME)!

TCPR: Maybe she needs a job! If Fergie had one, what would it be and why?

Jessica: She’d be a security guard of big bay windows. I should have a sign on my door that reads: stopping people from walking by the house with dogs since 2017.

TCPR: In all of her activity, has there been anything that Fergie has taught you?

Jessica: She taught me that small dogs are pretty cool, when I’ve only fostered big dogs before.

TCPR: Fergie is not a native Minnesotan. Tell us, what do you know of Fergie’s history before she came to you?

Jessica: She came from Texas, where she was in a high-kill shelter with her brother. Her brother has been adopted, but she still needs to find that special someone.

TCPR: TCPR: Does Fergie have any special needs?

Jessica: She’s pretty easy but will need slow intros with new dogs.

TCPR: We definitely want Fergie to find her forever home. So, what qualities does Fergie’s ideal human need to have?

Jessica: They need patience, to be moderately active, and have willingness to watch Netflix on the couch with her.

If you think you want to be Fergie’s special someone and want to learn more about her, check out her profile: