Fostering Myths and FAQs

What is fostering?

Fostering entails opening your home and heart to a companion animal in need. There is no cost to you other than your time. Twin Cities Pet Rescue provides all the supplies, support, and vetting for our foster animals. We ask you to provide a structured, safe, and loving home for the foster animal until a FURever home is found. Every animal you foster is a life saved.

Fostering myths

MYTH  I love to travel and can’t foster
TRUTH  Of course you can travel, go on vacation, or take whatever time you need! In fact, fostering is actually ideal for people who travel often, as there is no long-term commitment. We will provide you with a temporary foster home for your foster animal while you are away.

MYTH  Rescue animals always have problems
TRUTH  The reality is that some do, but most don’t. Many animals come from families that could no longer care for them. Our intake team evaluates animals to ensure we have the resources to support their behavioral and medical needs.

MYTH  I could never give up my foster
TRUTH  We hear this one a lot! You are part of deciding who adopts your foster animal, and adopters often choose to stay in touch with the fosters. Because fosters get to know the applicants, they often feel joyful and excited when their foster animals find their FURever homes. Also, fosters will have the option of welcoming a new foster animal into their home, essentially saving another life.

MYTH  I don’t get to choose my foster.
TRUTH  You indicate your preferences on your foster application, which help our foster coordinators find a good match. We always partner with you when deciding which foster animal to place in your home.

MYTH  My other pets won’t like it.
TRUTH  After a proper adjustment period, most pets welcome having a temporary companion/playmate. Our foster coordinators are experienced in resident animal introductions and can help you through this process.

MYTH  The Twin Cities has so many rescue organizations and foster homes. They don’t need me.
TRUTH  There are always more animals to save!

Dog-specific fostering myths

MYTH  I’ve never had a dog before, so I shouldn’t foster.
TRUTH  We take into consideration your experience level and do our best to place you with an appropriate foster dog. We also provide educational materials, guidance, and ongoing support to ensure you and your foster dog are successful.

MYTH  I don’t have a yard/live in an apartment, so I can’t foster a dog.
TRUTH  Not all dogs need a yard and most are happy with daily walks. We will work with you to find a foster dog that will do well in a home without a yard.

MYTH  Pit bulls are aggressive.
TRUTH  Pit Bulls pass temperament tests at higher rates than many other breeds. We always need pit bull fosters willing to advocate and educate.

Cat-specific fostering myths

MYTH  Male cats spray.
TRUTH  Actually, it’s rare that cats eliminate outside of the litter box. Per the ASPCA, only 10% of cats will go to the bathroom outside their box at some point in their lives.

MYTH  Cats ruin furniture.
TRUTH  Cats can and should be trained to use scratching posts. We will provide you with a scratching post for your foster.

MYTH  Cats need to go outside to be happy.
TRUTH  With regular play, affection, and window perches your cat will live a rich and happy life without ever going outside.

Why foster with TCPR?

We realize that the Twin Cities is lucky enough to have several fantastic rescue organizations, and they really are all great. We believe that what makes us different is our prioritization of quality over quantity. TCPR takes the time to get to know each animal that we intake, and those animals receive the highest quality food, training, and veterinary care.

About Us

TCPR is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing homeless, abandoned, abused, or neglected companion animals. We are 100% foster home-based, meaning we are only able to rescue animals for which we have a foster home.

Our mission is to rescue abandoned, homeless, abused, neglected, and otherwise unwanted dogs, cats and small companion animals, with the ultimate goal of finding each one a stable and loving forever home. We specialize in providing care for animals with medical needs and behavioral issues and transitioning them thoughtfully and safely into adoptive homes.