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Fast and the Furry Fundraising Ideas

The Fast and the Furry is less than two months away. Haven’t registered yet? No problem! Visit their registration page and be sure to join the Twin Cities Pet Rescue team. If you have registered we want to say THANK YOU for deciding to participate in a great event that supports TCPR as well as other charitable organizations. We know sometimes fundraising can be as tough as a kong toy and that’s why we’re sharing the following fundraising tips. We hope these ideas help make your fundraising fun and enjoyable!

Check out these 15 fundraising ideas!

1. Start now:

The earlier you begin fundraising, the better. You’ll be able to go way beyond your pledge goal the earlier you start.

2. Make your Own Contribution:

Lead the way by making your pledge first.

3. Corporate Matching Gift:

Ask your company to match the amount of pledges you receive from your coworkers.

4. Garage Sale:

Do you really need all that extra stuff? Gather it up and ask your friends to do the same. Pick a Saturday or Sunday and sell! All your money raised can go toward your fundraising goal! Be sure to post a sign, at your sale, explaining where the funds will go.

5. Birthday Gift Pledge:

Is your birthday coming up? Ask friends and family to pledge instead of buying you gifts.

6. House Warming Party:

Are you moving anytime soon? If so, ask your friends and family to make a pledge instead of purchasing a house warming gift.

7. Colorful Sponsor Letters:

Send a letter, in the mail, asking for pledges. If your envelope is colorful it will stand out from bills and junk mail!

8. Signing your Correspondence:

Add a short sentence at the bottom of your email signature saying that you’re participating in the Fast and the Furry and ask for a pledge. Include an email link to your page.

9. Neighbor:

Write to all your neighbors on your block or in your building. Attach a letter stating what you’re doing and ask them to make a donation.

10. Pet sit:

Are your neighbors going away and they don’t want to leave their pet(s) at the kennel? Why not offer up your services and charge them what they would have paid at the kennel and donate it to your pledge total!

11. Social media:

Post often on Facebook asking for donations. Include a brief description of why you think they should support Twin Cities Pet Rescue and a link to donate.

12. Email:

Send an email to everyone you know asking for support!

13. Get your pet(s) involved:

Are you participating in the event with your dog(s)? Ask for donations on behalf of your pooch. For example: post a photo of your dog on Facebook with the caption “Help dogs like me get the veterinary care they need and find their furever homes” and include a donate link.

14. Kennel:

Do you kennel your dog when you’re out of town? Ask your kennel to pledge and/or place a donation jar at their front desk.

15. Reminders:

If you didn’t receive an answer the first time you asked, ask again! Your potential donor may need a little coaxing. The more times you post, tweet, email, and ask the more money you will raise for pets in need!