Happy Tails

Cynder – Happy Tails Tuesday

It’s Happy Tails Tuesday which means we get to share updates from our TCPR alumni! This week our update comes from Cynder’s new family.

“Cynder (fka Rosie) has been nothing short of amazing. She is such a sweetie and is a really fast learner too! It felt like she was family almost immediately, and it’s already hard to think that we ever lived our lives without her.

We initially took her to a ‘Shy and Fearful’ dog obedience class, but after talking with the trainer, we have decided to try a ‘Human socialization’ class instead, starting sometime this month. This class should fit her a little bit better and help her deal with new people a little better, which is her biggest quirk.”

THANK YOU to Cynder’s family for opening their home and hearts! Share your Happy Tails! For more fun stories and updates be sure to check out the Twin Cities Pet Rescue Facebook Page!