Happy Tails


It’s #HappyTailTuesday and this week we get to hear from Blanche’s family! She gave birth to two sweet babies. Both were born without tails just like their mama. Both were also born with birth defects. Her kittens, Macky and Rue, were too beautiful for this world and their lives were both tragically short. They knew so much love in their short lives. A kitten from a different litter, Sharkbait, was a survivor of Panleukopenia—he was the only baby in his litter that survived. Mama Blanche took him in like one of her own and he was eventually adopted. Blanche herself had to wait a bit longer to find the right a furever family but she’ll tell you it was totally worth it.

Here’s an update from her family: “Blanche has filled our home with so much joy and laughter. She continues to warm my heart after a sudden and devastating loss I encountered last May, 2015 when my sweet Priscilla passed away from cancer. It’s evident how she has become that new “momma’s girl” as she is always at my side with her cute little “bunny-butt bumps”. She has no tail (specific to her breed—Manx) and to watch her run through her home like a little bunny is absolutely adorable. There is never a dull moment with this sweet girl and we truly are grateful she is a part of our lives. She and her “big brother” Oliver also get along so well and are perfect playmates for one another! I don’t think I’ve ever captured so many pictures! We truly are blessed. Thank you for saving her, TCPR—you’ve also opened our eyes to miracles we never even knew existed. Let them continue!”

From all of us at TCPR—Thank you for adopting her!

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