Happy Tails


Bitsy is a now 3 year old Boston Terrier x that was adopted by her foster mom in May, 2014. Bitsy had been in an adoptive home for a short time and returned to TCPR after having some issues with other dogs. Bitsy’s furever momma has worked hard on training with Bitsy and she is now doing great! Here is an update on Bitsy:

bitsy2“Bitsy (Shirley) is doing fantastic. She has been a very busy doggie since she adopted me  Shortly after we became a twosome, we became a threesome! My boyfriend Jeff, known to Bitsy as “your guy”, has opened a whole, new world of adventure for Bitsy, and me too! She loves me but adores him! He has a very big house so every door opening is an opportunity for an adventure. Jeff and I have lots of different projects going (construction/remodeling) and Bitsy comes with most of the time to supervise. We also do some biking and Jeff purchased a Burley trailer for his bike so she can run for awhile then ride for the remainder. She also stays with my parents on occasion where she is perfectly behaved, at least until I come thru the door. Hmmmm…..

Bitsy has been wonderful to work with on training. She must have had some before she came to me because she heels nicely on walks, sits, stays, etc. She does excellent with table manners and house behavior too. Still working on the jumping up but she does love people and is sure everyone is coming to see her  Very good cuddler and sleeper but snores like a sumo wrestler 

Her dog aggression has diminished as her life has stabilized. She has had many positive opportunities to interact with other dogs with me so I have been able to correct her and encourage her good behavior. Jeff’s daughter has a male dog about her size and they have a great time playing and running around the house.”

Thank you to Bitsy’s family for giving her a wonderful home!

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