Happy Tails

Ben-Jammin and Woodrow

Today’s Happy Tail Tuesday features brothers Ben-Jammin and Woodrow formerly named Marco and Polo. These boys came to TCPR as kittens and today have grown into two very happy cats.

Here’s what their family has to say about them “These boys are the nicest guys. Woodrow LOVES playing hide and seek with me throughout the house and is the most enthusiastic about breakfast time. He insists on guarding me through the night by sleeping right by my head and the occasionally will gently paw my face to reassure me he’s there. I’ll never forget the first night I had him – he fell asleep belly up in my arms.

Ben-Jammin is 110% committed to play time, he just loves it. He is the best snuggler. He loves to crawl into my sweater, while I’m wearing it, to cuddle. He starts to purr every time I tell him I love him. I can’t imagine what life would be without them.
Thankyou for giving me the opportunity to share how greatful I am to have rescued these boys!”

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