Happy Tails


It’s #HappyTail Tuesday and we’re sharing an update from Addy’s adopter who made her a part of his family last April.

“Addy has settled in very well in my home. We have an excellent and fine tuned routine that I think she finds quite comforting. I wake up each morning and let her out of her kennel where she sleeps and I immediately feed her and let her outside. Then she darts straight up to the tip-top of my home where she bursts through my bedroom door and promptly buries herself under my blankets. I use the PC for a few minutes while I have coffee and get ready for work. When I leave, she is usually still under the blankets.

When I come home she’s usually moved to her kennel and I let her outside again. This time we usually go for a walk around the neighborhood or will play a fetch game in my backyard. She often likes to splay out in the grass.

Then we hang out most of the afternoon, I feed her dinner at 6 but save a 1/4 of it and put that food into a ball toy called the Foobler, which she plays with for an hour.

Then I let her out again at night, watch an episode of TV with her on the couch and put her to bed when I head to sleep at 9PM.

I continue to love this dog more and more everyday and and very happy that you decided to leave her in my care.”

We’re so glad to hear Addy has a solid home with a great routine. Consistency is a big piece of making a dog feel content and happy! Your dog learns what to expect from you and in turn is typically more balanced and predictable than they would be without a routine. Thanks to Addy’s adopter for adopting this sweet little gal! If you adopted from TCPR send us an update via this quick form!