Happy Tails

Artemis and Luna

This week our Happy Tail Tuesday is once again brought to you by two happy felines: Artemis and Luna (formerly Maiden and Mother). Here is what their new family has to say about them:

“After talking about finding a new companion for our current cat Rocco for a long time, we finally decided to get a kitten. We did our research and decided on TCPR because a friend of mine volunteered there. We went to a meet and greet having already decided that we wanted Artemis (formerly Maiden), but unsurprisingly as soon as we got there our plans changed. I sat down and was immediately claimed by Luna (formerly Mother) when she climbed up into my lap, looked up at me with her big eyes, and turned on her purr machine. I lost my heart to her in that moment. Since we originally came to meet Artemis, we played with her as well and lost our hearts to her too. We were so torn between the two that we left the meet and greet undecided and wondering if we could somehow afford to get both. Thankfully, TCPR worked with us, so that we were able to adopt one of the kittens and foster the other, keeping them together until we could afford to adopt the other too. We were so happy to add them to our family! The sisters adjusted right away and after a few days their new big brother Rocco accepted them as well.

Artemis is our short-haired little warrior kitten with boundless energy for playing, but when she wants to cuddle she’ll nuzzle your face and curl up on any part of you she can reach. She loves to run away and play with anything that makes a crinkling noise. Luna is our long-haired kitten, who is a little more laid back, preferring to lay in your lap or curl up in her favorite spots on the back of the couch or on the cat tree and observe; but when the moment is right, she plays just as hard as her sister. They both will chase a laser dot for as long as we’ll let them and they both love to play with Rocco or attack his tail when he is laying down. All three love to cuddle up and groom each other, and then sleep. The kittens also love to curl up around our heads when we’re trying to sleep or attack our feet under the blankets, but we couldn’t be happier with our new additions to our family and are very thankful to TCPR for making it possible and for being so easy to work with!”

Did you adopt a family member from TCPR? We would love to hear how your furry friend is doing! Submit your Happy Tail today!